Welcome to Band!

Dear Band Parents and Students:
Welcome to Jurupa! It is great to see you continue with instrumental music. As you may already know, band is rewarding and will teach a discipline different from other classes while raising your I.Q. With your help and the student’s dedication, we will achieve this. IT IS A TEAM EFFORT!
Having a child in music is very demanding. The following are YOUR responsibilities in supporting a progressive music student.

1) Instruments must be in GOOD playing condition at ALL TIMES. If there is a problem you must get it fixed right away. Please see me for repair people and phone numbers. Also, your cases must have your name CLEARLY marked on them. Jurupa is NOT responsible for your instruments.
2) You must PURCHASE the Yamaha book 2 (7th Grade)
3) Our Concert Uniforms (Concert Black) will consist of the following:
          Boys - Black dress pants
                     White, button down shirt (long sleeve preferred)
                     Straight tie
                     Black dress shoes and black socks

          Girls - Black dress OR
                     Black skirt (or black dress pants) with white blouse
                     Black dress shoes and black nylons
4) You must practice DAILY in order to succeed in music. It is recommended to practice at least a half hour. Practice sheets will be turned in WEEKLY signed BY PARENTS.
5) You MUST have a 3 ring binder with 20 or more plastic sheets. You will be graded on having all your music, books, handouts, and worksheets.

There are times during the year where parental volunteers are greatly needed to chaperone, drive the equipment truck, help set-up or unload, help in the music office, or other things that may come up. PLEASE let me know if you are interested.
Another important factor in running a successful program is sufficient funds. Our band will have a fund raiser in the fall and one in the spring. This money goes to music, uniforms, stands, equipment, festival fees, and much more. So if EVERYONE works really hard, this will be the only fundraising we do all year. PLEASE HELP OUT! It will make our year more successful!

  Below is a list of extracurricular activities that will enhance the students’ abilities and put them on a competitive level outside the school and proudly represent Jurupa. They are not mandatory but are STRONGLY encouraged.

1) PRIVATE LESSONS as appropriate. Please ask me for a list of qualified instructors in the area.
2) Auditioning for honor groups and participating in solo festivals.

Please notice that my grading policy is attached. Read it over with your son / daughter and return the bottom portion signed. Because this is a performance group, performing outside of regular school hours is required and it is your responsibility to be there.


Mr. Hakomaki